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Kirjoittanut Tiina Tuomainen   
14.03.2010 23:33

Warrantti – What and who is it for

Warrantti is a student organization for business students in University of Vaasa. Warrantti was founded in 1989. In the early years Warrantti was taken care by only a small group of active students. In the late 90´s our field of tasks became broader and the whole organization became more professional. Since the early days Warrantti´s main task has been to look after the interests of business students in University of Vaasa. For more than a decade Warrantti has also been a member of SEFE (The Finnish association of graduates in economics and business administration).

In the campus Warrantti is the most influential singular student organization. We are the biggest party in student union´s group of representatives and we also have several representatives in the university´s administrational boards.

Warrantti is a student organization with over 1900 members. We serve our members by organizing several different kinds of activities, such as excursions to major Finnish firms, grand annual ball and of course the best parties in town. Warrantti also publishes its own independent Wykyzine magazine.

You are all very welcome to visit our room (B118), which is located in the first floor of Tervahovi near studentrestaurant Mathilda. You can stop by for a cup of coffee or to socialize with fellow students.


If you want to join us and SEFE, you can fill the application form in Enghlish here. More about SEFE and the benefits of joining you can find under this link.

Unfortunately the english content in our website is rather brief right now, but we are working on it, please be patient!

To contact us, e-mail to warrant (at) uwasa.fi

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